Data Set Wizards

Only provides a collection of easy-to-use data-entry wizards that streamline and accelerate the process of entering field data into the software.

Data Entry Made Easy

Pumping Test Wizard

  • Each of the wizards in provides handy on-screen tips and definitions to help you enter data rapidly and accurately.
  • Units of measurement are shown with each data item for quick reference.
  • Each step in a wizard includes a Help button for context-sensitive help that puts in-depth information at your fingertips.

Tabbed Dialogs and Spreadsheets

You may want to modify a data set while you're working with it. uses tabbed dialogs and spreadsheets (data forms) to organize data and make editing data a snap!

Tabbed dialog

Spreadsheet data entry for pumping rates in tabbed dialog.


provides flexible options for specifying units in metric and English/Imperial systems of measurement.

  • In addition, you may view hydraulic conductivity and transmissivity in Meinzer units (e.g., transmissivity in gal/day/ft).
  • For our Canadian friends, we are pleased to include support for imperial gallons!