Single-Well Tests

contains a comprehensive suite of solution methods for analyzing single-well tests.

In a single-well test, drawdown measurements are obtained in the test (control) well. Analyzing a single-well test is no different than a test with observation wells. provides the same rich set of tools for analyzing single-well tests as multi-well tests.

One important aspect of single-well tests is the effect of wellbore storage on early-time data. includes wellbore storage (finite-diameter well) solutions for confined, leaky confined, unconfined and fractured aquifers.

Single-Well Pumping Test With Wellbore Storage

provides an unmatched number of solution methods for the analysis of single-well tests with wellbore storage.

Analysis of single-well pumping test with derivative analysis

Figure 1. Analysis of drawdown and recovery data with derivative from a constant-rate single-well pumping test in a nonleaky confined aquifer. Early-time data show wellbore storage effect before derivative becomes constant (infinite-acting conditions).

These solution methods are essential for proper analysis of early-time data measured during a single-well pumping test.