Visual Curve Matching

pioneered the integration of visual and automatic curve-matching methods into a single software package for the analysis of aquifer test data.

One-Click Matching

One-click matching allows you to just point, click and drag to match a type curve or line to your data. automatically updates hydraulic parameter values as you move the curve!

  • Match solutions in the traditional way--only better!
  • Simultaneously match drawdown and recovery data (video)!
  • Simultaneously match drawdown and derivative data!
  • Active Type Curves replace Type A and Type B analysis (video)!
  • Select any curve from type curve families!

Active Type Curves

is the only aquifer test software that provides Active Type Curves, a feature which greatly enhances visual curve matching. Active Type Curves expand visual curve matching capabilities for variable-rate pumping tests and aquifer tests with wellbore storage, leakage, delayed gravity response and double-porosity behavior.

Traditional methods of visual curve matching implemented by other aquifer test analysis software are limited by static type curves and static type curve families.

  • Static curves are unable to accommodate more complex conditions arising from boundary effects, variable pumping rates, aquitard storage and double-porosity behavior.
  • Active Type Curves, which automatically adapt to specific test and aquifer conditions, overcome the limitations of static type curves.

Check out the following brief video demonstrations to see for yourself what Active Type Curves can do for you!

  • Download video for variable-rate pumping test with recovery (AVI format, 298 KB)
  • Download video for a constant-rate pumping test in an unconfined aquifer with delayed gravity response (AVI format, 279 KB)
  • Download video for a slug test in a high-K aquifer with oscillatory response (AVI format, 345 KB)!

Type Curve Families

Neuman (1974) type curve family

Drawdown measured during a constant-rate pumping test in an unconfined aquifer near Saratoga, NY (Greenkorn 1983) with family of b curves shown for Neuman (1974) solution for partially penetrating wells.

lets you match any curve from solutions with type curve families. Plus, while matching your data to a specific curve, you can view a family of type curves as a reference for selected solutions.

  • Choose from three options for displaying type curve families!
  • Display custom or preset type curve families!
  • Superimpose the Theis solution on type curve families!
  • Interactively change curve families on toolbar!

Parameter Tweaking/Sensitivity Analysis

Parameter tweaking and sensitivity analysis

Only includes a tool that lets you tweak individual parameters and fine tune the match of solutions to your data.

  • Perform sensitivity analysis for individual aquifer parameters!
  • Perform visual matching by tweaking individual parameters!
  • Enhance estimation by performing visual curve matching on derivative plots!

Slope Checking Toolnew2.gif (111 bytes)

now provides an interactive slope checking tool that lets you check the slope of a range of data on a graph. The slope values provide you with valuable diagnostic information for the identification of wellbore storage effects, linear flow, boundary effects and more!