works automatically with Surfer (v 6 or higher) to generate contour plots of drawdown, recovery and groundwater mounding.

Extraction well array

How It Works

Contouring results in is as easy as 1-2-3! Just follow three simple steps in the Grid Wizard and displays a contour plot using Surfer. It's that easy!

Create custom 2-D (areal or cross-sectional) and 3-D (surface) contour plots for more effective presentation of pumping test and groundwater mounding results to colleagues, clients and regulators.

Surfer is a powerful, general-purpose software package from Golden Software that is popular among geoscientists and engineers for contouring any type of environmental data such as elevations of groundwater or surface water, thickness of geologic units or floating product, and concentrations in groundwater, soil or air. Thus, one software package can meet all of your contouring needs.


Cross-Sectional Contour Plot

Cross-sectional contour plot showing drawdown around a fully penetrating pumping well in an unconfined aquifer with delayed gravity response using Neuman (1974) solution. Note vertical flow owing to the water-table boundary at the top of the aquifer.

Wellfield simulation

3-D contour plot showing predicted drawdown around three pumping wells in a wellfield simulation.

Groundwater Mound Beneath Rectangular Recharge Area Using Hantush (1967)

3-D contour plot depicting water-table rise (mound) beneath a rectangular recharge basin using Hantush (1967) solution.