Hantush Water-Table Mounding Solutions

(Pro version only) includes solutions by Hantush (1967) to compute the transient water-table rise (height of groundwater mound) beneath rectangular and circular recharge areas (infiltration basins or ponds).

Use the groundwater mounding tool in to evaluate infiltration from recharge areas including the following scenarios:

  • septic fields
  • stormwater retention basins
  • groundwater recharge systems

An easy-to-use wizard interface lets you to create grid files for use with external contouring software. If you have Surfer (v 6 or higher), automatically displays a contour plot of a groundwater mound for you!

Groundwater Mound Beneath Rectangular Recharge Area Using Hantush (1967) Solution

3-D contour plot generated with AQTESOLV and Surfer depicting water-table rise (groundwater mound) beneath a rectangular recharge basin using Hantush (1967) solution.