Statistical Analysis

When you perform automatic or visual curve matching, provides a statistical analysis of the curve fitting results.

  • Residual statistics and residual plots help you analyze the errors between the observed displacement data and an aquifer test solution.
  • Standard errors allow you to construct approximate confidence intervals for each hydraulic parameter (e.g., T or S) in an aquifer test solution (automatic curve matching only).

Residual Plots

Only includes the following residual plots help to evaluate the fit of a model: residual vs. time, residual vs. simulated and normal probability plots.

Normal probability plot

Normal probability plot for a pumping test in an unconfined aquifer. A normal distribution of the model errors is indicated by residuals falling on a straight line.

Statistical Diagnostics Report

Only supplies you with parameter statistics including confidence intervals.

Diagnostic statistics

The Diagnostics report shows parameters estimated by automatic curve matching and their approximate confidence intervals.