Step-Drawdown Test Analysis

has more features for the interpretation of step-drawdown tests than competing software. Other products limit step-drawdown test analysis to fully penetrating line-source wells in nonleaky confined aquifers.

expands your options for step-drawdown tests to include solutions for leaky confined aquifers with options for partially penetrating wells and wellbore storage.

Tests in Leaky Confined Aquifers

Methods for step-drawdown tests in the literature typically assume nonleaky confined conditions; however, as shown by Bear (1979), most constant-rate pumping test solutions may be adapted for the analysis of linear and nonlinear well loss associated with step-drawdown tests.

gives you a choice of models beyond nonleaky confined conditions for greater flexibility in your analysis of step-drawdown tests.

For example, adapts the solution by Hantush and Jacob (1955) for the analysis of step-drawdown tests in leaky confined aquifers (Figure 1).

Analysis of a step-drawdown test in a leaky confined aquifer

Figure 1. Analysis of step-drawdown test with recovery assuming a leaky confined aquifer (data from Clark 1977).

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