Neuman Solution for Unconfined Aquifers

A mathematical solution by Tartakovsky and Neuman (2007) is useful for determining the hydraulic properties (transmissivity, elastic storage coefficient, specific yield and vertical hydraulic conductivity) of unconfined aquifers. Analysis involves matching the solution to drawdown data collected during a pumping test. The Tartakovsky and Neuman solution accounts for delayed gravity response, partial penetration and three-dimensional unsaturated flow.

AQTESOLV provides visual and automatic methods for matching the Neuman solution to pumping test and recovery test data. This easy-to-use and intuitive software promotes rapid and accurate determination of aquifer properties.


The following assumptions apply to the use of the Tartakovsky and Neuman solution for pumping tests in unconfined aquifers:

  • aquifer has infinite areal extent
  • aquifer is homogeneous, isotropic and of uniform thickness
  • aquifer is unconfined
  • flow is unsteady
  • diameter of control well is very small so that storage in the well can be neglected


provides the following options for the Tartakovsky and Neuman solution for pumping tests in water-table aquifers:

  • variable pumping rates
  • multiple pumping wells
  • multiple observation wells
  • partially penetrating pumping and observation wells
  • boundaries


Tartakovsky, G.D. and S.P. Neuman, 2007. Three-dimensional saturated-unsaturated flow with axial symmetry to a partially penetrating well in a compressible unconfined aquifer, Water Resources Research, W01410, doi:1029/2006WR005153.