Pumping Test Analysis

What is the best software for pumping test analysis? In a recent LinkedIn poll, groundwater professionals overwhelmingly chose as their preferred pumping test analysis software.

is advanced software for pumping test data analysis that features the most comprehensive set of solution methods for confined, leaky confined, unconfined and fractured aquifers.

Pumping tests are alternately known as pump tests, aquifer tests and aquifer performance tests (APTs).

Summary of Pumping Test Solutions

Make your choice for pumping test analysis software to get a complete package for constant- and variable-rate pumping tests, recovery tests, sinusoidal tests, single-well tests, step-drawdown tests, tests with multiple pumping wells, automatic image well generation, predictive simulation and pumping test design, and more.

Summary of Pumping Test Solutions in AQTESOLV Pro
Solution Category Methods Available
Constant-Rate Tests 35
Variable-Rate Tests 34
Recovery Tests 33
Step-Drawdown Tests 3
Partial Penetration 16
Wellbore Storage 12
Wellbore Skin 13
Bounded Aquifersnew2.gif (111 bytes) 23
Delayed Obs. Well Responsenew2.gif (111 bytes) 5
Horizontal Wellnew2.gif (111 bytes) 2
Confined Aquifers 14
Leaky Aquifers 9
Unconfined Aquifers 5
Fractured Aquifers 7

Compare pumping test solutions in the Pro and Standard versions.

Constant-Rate Pumping Tests

provides the most complete suite of methods for the interpretation of constant-rate and variable-rate pumping tests.

The figure below illustrates the application of the Tartakovsky and Neuman (2007) solution for a constant-rate pumping test in an unconfined aquifer with three-dimensional saturated/unsaturated flow and noninstantaneous drainage at the water table.

Analysis of a pumping test in an unconfined aquifer with noninstantaneous drainage

Analysis of a constant-rate pumping test in an anisotropic unconfined aquifer with noninstantaneous response at the water table (Tartakovsky and Neuman 2007).

Variable-Rate Pumping Tests

With you are not limited to the analysis of traditional constant-rate pumping tests; interpretation of variable-rate conditions is also possible for situations including step-drawdown tests, recovery tests and sinusoidal pumping tests.

Analysis of a sinusoidal pumping test

Displacement measured during a sinusoidal variable-rate pumping test in which the rate varied through several cycles of extraction and injection (Rasmussen et al. 2003).

Multiple Observation Wells (Interference Tests)

With you may perform pumping test data analysis with more than one observation well.

Channel aquifer (Estavan)

Analysis of drawdown measured in pumped well and three observation wells during a constant-rate pumping test in a buried channel (strip) aquifer near Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada (Walton 1970).

The buried channel aquifer example shown above uses a powerful feature in that automatically generates image wells to model the effect of aquifer boundaries.

You also may perform distance-drawdown analysis in to interpret pumping test data from more than one observation well. For a specific measurement time, drawdown is plotted as a function of the radial distance from the pumping well to the observation well.

Distance-drawdown analysis

Distance-drawdown plot showing three observation wells monitored during a constant-rate pumping test in a leaky confined aquifer (USBR 1995).

Multiple Pumping Wells

Use to analyze pumping tests with more than one pumping well. Each well may have its own unique geometry (e.g., penetration depths) and pumping rate schedule. places no internal limit on the total number of pumping wells that you may use.

Analysis of pumping test with antecedent injection

Analysis of drawdown measured in observation well during constant-rate extraction test in an unconfined aquifer including residual effect of prior injection test at off-site well.

Predictive Modeling (Forward Solution)

You may use pumping test solutions in to predict the magnitude and extent of drawdown for extraction and/or injection scenarios involving multiple pumping wells.

Extraction well array

Drawdown prediction (forward solution) for an array of 15 extraction wells.

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