Frequently Asked Questions


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Data Input

Can I import field data from a data logger?

Yes! provides a versatile Import Wizard for importing data from data logger files. The Import Wizard allows you to import data files directly for many different data logger brands including In-Situ and Solinst products. Examples.

Can I import data from a spreadsheet?

Entering data from spreadsheets is really easy. Just copy and paste the spreadsheet data into AQTESOLV using the Windows clipboard! Examples.

Solution Methods

Can I use AQTESOLV to analyze data from the pumped well (single-well test)?

Absolutely! provides many solutions designed for analyzing single-well pumping tests. Solution methods for analyzing the pumped well include options for wellbore storage effects, wellbore skin, partial penetration and well loss.

Can I perform distance-drawdown analysis using AQTESOLV?

provides distance-drawdown plots and composite plots that you may use for distance-drawdown analysis with any of the pumping test solutions in the software.

Can I use AQTESOLV to design an aquifer test (forward solution)?

Yes! Enter data for the pumping and observation wells in the test, choose an aquifer model and solution, enter aquifer properties, and plot a type curve to predict drawdown during the test.

provides a wizard for setting up a data set for aquifer test design and prediction. Example.

Can I use AQTESOLV for pumping tests with multiple pumping wells?

Yes! Choose Edit>Wells to add more than one pumping well to your data set. This feature is useful for wellfield analysis and pumping tests affected by off-site pumping.


What are the differences between the two versions of AQTESOLV?

Choose Standard for a set of pumping test and slug test solutions comparable to other commercially available software packages.

Choose Pro for the most comprehensive set of aquifer test analysis tools including sophisticated solutions and features not found in other commercially available software packages. Details.


Does my AQTESOLV purchase include technical support?

Yes! Technical support for the software is unlimited and free. Plus you get access to the Knowledge Base at no charge!


What will AQTESOLV upgrades cost me?

Not very much! The major upgrade from Prov3.x to v4.x is only $149 (single-user license)!

Compare our upgrade costs with our competitors who may charge as much as $680 or more for an upgrade!

How can I find out about upgrades?

In v3.5 and higher, you can check for new versions over the internet. Choose Help>About AQTESOLV and click Check for Updates.

The AQTESOLV Users' Group circulates a free newsletter that announces upgrades and provides useful tips, examples and tutorials. Details.

Can I upgrade from Standard to Pro?

Yes! Contact HydroSOLVE to upgrade your copy of Standard to Pro at at affordable prices.


How does AQTESOLV compare to competing software packages?

Check out our comparison guide to discover for yourself why AQTESOLV is the leading software for aquifer test analysis!

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